In an attempt to add diversity, I have created an umbrella group for photography specifics. It will be populated progressively as time permits and subjects change.
 (Contains 14 photos)
Leica Digilux 2 portfolioThe Leica Digilux 2 is an obsolete camera but one which has an enduring appeal to photographers who enjoy practising the art of photography. It was my first Leica digital camera and sees almost daily use despite its age. Examples of my work with this camera are shown in this dedicated portfolio.
 (Contains 18 photos)
Leica Photography portfolioHere is a sample of my photography using Leica cameras. Models range from the early rangefinder M3, the M6 film bodies, to the M8 X1 M9 and X Vario digital cameras. In due course I will expand on my ownership of Leica cameras.
 (Contains 14 photos)
Leica X1 portfolioTwelve pictures have been added and represent a cross-section of my early work. I am adding some progress notes after one year of X1 ownership. Do not be deceived by the square shape; only the thumbnails are square - click one to see the full shape!
 (Contains 5 photos)
Photography (Non-Leica) portfolioIn the past I have written for many different consumer magazines on photography, some general and others specialist. I currently write for Amateur Photographer, the BFP Newsletter and for The Leica Fellowship. I have also illustrated and written features for charitable publications and specialist pet yearbooks.
General portfolios
This group will contain all other portfolios apart from Photography specific portfolios.
 (Contains 20 photos)
Travel & Landscape portfolioA diverse selection is shown in this portfolio to illustrate my style of travel and landscape photography.
 (Contains 18 photos)
Gardens & plants portfolioNew material is regularly added to my library. I will try to refresh this portfolio with seasonal images and others deemed to be of interest.
 (Contains 24 photos)
Pets portfolioEver since my cat pictures were first published in Beverley Nichols Cat Calendars, a few years ago, I have continued to photograph these beautiful creatures. Here you can see examples from my library. However, domestic pets are many and varied. So this portfolio will be dedicated to pets in general.

Please note that thumbnails are shown in convenient square format. However, when you click on the thumbnails they expand into the correct shapes for viewing. Try it!
 (Contains 10 photos)
Humour portfolioHumour is always welcome and I cannot resist pictures which raise a smile. Subjects range from the absurd to funny situations in life. Rarely are these pictures posed.
 (Contains 20 photos)
Aircraft portfolioNostalgia and history are themes running through my aviation pictures. Most come from my photographing historic aircraft for an aviation encyclopedia.
 (Contains 11 photos)
Crafts portfolioMainly fine furniture & cabinetmaking but my interests range over most objects made in wood.
 (Contains 30 photos)
Autumn portfolioA selection of seasonal pictures from around the UK.
 (Contains 7 photos)
Reflective portfolioA collection of photographs which stimulate the emotions or invoke a peaceful feeling. The first eight pictures were taken in Wiltshire England UK EU
 (Contains 9 photos)
Evita portfolioPictures taken at Dauntsey's School Wiltshire during a live performance on 2nd December 2008 of the classic musical play called 'Evita'.