Writing and photography have been life-long interests which reached a peak in 1988 when they became a full-time freelance activity. (That change followed many years as a Chartered Engineer in aviation and avionics). I found that combination of skills appealed to many commissioning editors because it unifies supply in one professional. I take pride in producing copy and photography which requires very little further work. Accuracy is paramount in all I do.

In 2010 I decided to retire from full-time commissioned work, scale back my commitments, and to enjoy my photography without commercial pressures. My writing is mostly, but not entirely, for charity. I have made a start on my memoires. In the background the management of my stock photography is 'ticking over'.

Increasingly it has become extremely difficult to make sensible financial returns through photo-libraries. The internet and world-wide-web has spawned a surfeit of digital images and the assumption that anything shown via the internet is freely available without the need for paying usage fees! Whither the legalities of copyright!

My photography can be classified, essentially, as illustrative; it provides a visual complement to my writing. However, I try to make my pictures as pleasing as possible by paying particular attention to colour, tonal range, composition and content.

Please feel free to contact Contact me on any photographic matter relevant to my experience. Note, however, that since January 2011, I no longer undertake commissioned work unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Thank you for your interest.